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Start Writing!

Start Writing!
titolo Start Writing!
sottotitolo 11 Steps to your tale
editore DGLine Srl
formato Libro
collana Strumenti Per La Formazione
pubblicazione 2014
ISBN/EAN wandr00000002
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€ 14,90 EUR
Spedito in 7 giorni
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This book is a practical manual that makes you discover the endless creative use of the written word especially when read aloud.
It is the result of six years of trainings, projects, experiments and feedback that contributed to the creation of the method "Writers and Readers" to improve your writing ability and based on four basics skills: writing, reading, listening, evaluating.

By following the directions of this journey you will achieve one after the other, different goals and with each one you will comprehend and practice the key writing factors. You will start writing about yourself, then you will give voice to your characters  and in the end you will write a full short story. Since project one you will discover your strengths and you will receive useful point of improvements.
To transform the blank page into a published story is easier than you think!

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